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Busch Gardens – A Great Family Vacation Destination

To begin, this post is going to be a little different that my previous because it’s not just a garden but a theme park. Imagine if your favorite zoo and six flags magic mountain did a park together, that’s basically what Busch Gardens is. It’s my personal favorite theme park because there is such a vast number of attractions to enjoy. In this post I’d like to cover a few of my favorite things to do at Busch Gardens and why you should book a visit if you have not already been.

The Animals

tiger roaring

The Busch Gardens animal park takes care of over 200 different species that are on display for visitors to view. Some of their most visually impressive animals include lions, tigers, rhinos, elephants, cheetahs, hippos, gorillas and primates, plus many more. They also have options for up close animals experiences with the protection of the animal caretakers and safaris around the park. As a child I loved visiting the my local zoo which is a far cry from what Busch gardens has on offer.

Adventure Island

3 green waterslides

Other thing I loved to do as a kid was go to water parks, and Adventure island is one of the best. This water park has some of the best water slides in the world including their newest called Vanish Point which provides a 70 foot free fall for those brave enough to take the plunge. There also many lower key slides that are made for the whole family.


twisting rollercoaster

This is the part that would have scared me as a kid. I guess the real fear was getting sick, as I had motion sickness really bad as a child. But thats all gone now and I love roller coasters, especially the ones at Busch Gardens. Just like the water park, Bush Gardens provides a wide selection of coasters so nobody in the family is left out. From Air Grover, the Sesame Street themed ride for kids to Falcon’s Fury which has a 335ft free fall drop. If you have the stomach for it I recommend Tigris, the tallest launch coaster in the sate of Florida. Check out the video below for a short preview of the ride.

I only negative I could possible say about the park would be my neck was sore after all the action through the day. Lucky for me, in my home town of Orlando there is a wellness center Health & Hope Institute that provides PRP and Ozone therapy along with acupuncture and massage to get my body feeling good again.

If you are thinking I taking a trip to Busch Gardens, I hope this post sealed the deal. I highly recommend if for their large amount of entertaining activities for the whole family.