Therapeutic Essential Oils For Wellness

Therapeutic Essential Oils For Wellness

For thousands of years people all over the world have benefited from the healing power of essential oils. From Egypt, China, Italy, India and more, these ancient cultures discovered that they could drastically improve the quality and effective nature of herbs by extracting the essential oils from them. The video below gives great insight into the history of Essential oils used all over the world through out history.

Essential Oils Are Now Mainstream

Throughout eastern culture essential oils have been a staple in wellness for millions of people, but If you live in the western world of North America it is just now recently becoming adopted. Americans especially are trained to believe that the cure to their ailment is found within a pharmaceutical pill. Many people are now waking up to the dangers of pharmaceuticals and are seeking more natural options.

3 Powerful Essential Oils for Wellness

Lavender oil provides soothing properties for relaxation resulting in abetter nights sleep. It can also help with anxiety and relieve the stresses of daily life.

Tea Tree oil is made from the coastal trees native to Australia and provides many healing benefits such as scalp, skin and nail health. It is also great for clearing up acne and wound healing.

Peppermint oil is got to be my all time favorite! It is great for circulation, digestion and your immune system. My personal favorite ways to use it is rubbing together a few drops in my palms and using it in a bath.

Resources for Optimal Wellness Through Essential Oils

I highly recommend that you visit your local holistic wellness center. They will most likely have a great selection of high quality essential oils to choose from and can give you instruction for proper application. I personally live in Orange County, Ca and had a ton of wellness centers to choose from. I selected First Element Wellness that offers a wide selection of essential oils along with BEMER Therapy, Holistic Health Coaching and Corporate Wellness Programs. You also have the option to order essential oils online from may different retailers but I would recommend seeing a wellness professional.

In Conclusion

Essential oils are proven to be safe and very effective to help move you towards optimal wellness. Most wellness centers will give you a free sample so you don’t have anything to risk. Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed.